The best branding makes your business – together with its products and services – stand out from the crowd, creating a unique and distinct visual identity that immediately appeals to your customers and really gets you noticed.

Our branding services cover all visual elements from logo design to bespoke typography with the creation of a clear style guide and a distinct tone of voice that is entirely appropriate for your business or organisation.

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The key to any good branding exercise is knowing and understanding your client inside out. That includes knowing their history, their current marketing position in relation to their competitors – and where they want to be.

We listen very carefully to our clients and work as closely as possible for as long as practically possible to get right under their skin and understand them and their clients in every detail.

We don’t just rock up to a meeting, tell you want you need and leave. We talk with you, meet your clients, hang around the offices and generally become a bloody nuisance until it’s time to start coming up with creative concepts and narrowing down the ideas.


Career Legal was a demanding project as the founder had strong ideas about what he wanted and Digital Bulldogs had to work closely within some tight parameters to deliver to his requirements.

They had already carried out a considerable amount of research both internally and among their clients. Which meant we started out with a wealth of useful and accurate information that led to some great work being produced even more quickly than usual.

WeShop was also a rewarding client to help rebrand as they are at the forefront of ecommerce and social media which was an exciting environment and a fun company to be around as we helped them with our creative branding knowledge.

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