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Entire businesses can be founded on the Internet where a website is often the first and only point of contact for customers. Even traditional companies with a high-street presence have quickly discovered the absolute importance of having an attractive and effective website.

Digital Bulldogs have developed our web design skills over many years so we can offer you our highly professional and creative web design and development services to ensure that your website is high profile, easy to navigate and able to attract visitors – and convert them into regular customers.

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For successful web design we need to establish exactly what our clients need from their website and what their online audience demands of them. In that way we fix the precise purpose of the website and how to direct the user experience in ways that will generate the best results.

We listen carefully to a client’s desires, but we also add a lot of professional input based on long experience. Digital Bulldogs help our clients see all aspects of their website from a marketing standpoint. Using our specialised knowledge, we build in clever elements that generate and convert site traffic.

All this is backed up by our ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and overall maintenance of the website so the look and feel of the site remains consistent and up-to-date for years to come.


Addcounsel was a satisfying website project for us to work on for this London-based client that offers behavioural and mental health services to individuals and their families.

The challenge was to make the website connect with its audience while conveying the confidential nature of the care and support provided in such sensitive areas of people’s lives.

Digital Bulldogs found unique ways of tackling this challenge and created a strong digital platform for Addcounsel to present their personal health services on their website with discretion and tact.

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